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"As a professional athlete it is part of my responsibility to keep my body fully aligned and operational in order to perform at my best.  When choosing a service provider to work closely with it’s important to feel comfortable both personally and professionally; Dr. Sam is exemplary of that.  She is able to tailor her techniques to my specific needs in a very effective and non-intimidating manner.  She is extremely versatile and skilled in her field and I would highly recommend her." ~ Calvin T., San Francisco

"Dr. Sam is hands down the best chiropractor I've ever visited. She always makes sure that I leave feeling good, not just better. I can't recommend her highly enough." ~ Erik I., San Francisco, CA

"About Sam: she's professional, knows her stuff, won't have you growing old waiting for your appointment to start, etc. That stuff matters. So does this: She's amazing. She's so warm that she feels like an old friend, even when you first start seeing her. She's passionate about her work, and you can feel it. (It matters when the people who help you care for your body are just as invested in your well-being as you are.) She has--and I'm going to show my California roots here--amazing energy. Yeah, I know--but it's true. Some people just have a great vibe. Dr. Rhame is one of those people. She's a lovely person and fantastic chiropractor. Go see her. You won't be disappointed." ~ Nzinga K., San Francisco

"I had a baby in a breech position. After 5 adjustments with Sam the baby turned head down! Very professional work!" ~ Jana R., San Francisco

"Sam is the best at what she does and she does more than Chiropractic. I've been going to her for years - since idk 1998. I'm a big guy so oftentimes it is difficult to adjust and she's a beautiful petite woman, and yet she has this Organic Intuitive Touch where she looks, she touches my shoulder, then adjusts me and I feel better than I did before walking through that door." ~ Rew C., San Francisco


"Words can't express how grateful I am to work with Dr. Rhame. I am about to start my 8th month of pregnancy and my adjustments have been a life saver." ~ Victoria M., San Francisco


"Dr. Sam is a lifesaver! I was recently in a very tiny auto accident and I started experiencing some major sacrum pain. Even to just bend over to pick something up was extremely painful! After just two adjustments, I am able to live my life with ease and most important of all, WITHOUT pain!" ~ Monique C., San Francisco

"Dr. Sam Rhame is a Godsend. From the minute she walked in the door, I felt a healer in my presence. She took her time listening to my issues and was extremely genuine in her care. I came to her with chronic pain from a neuro-degenerative disease, and an auto accident on top. Her chiropractic adjustments are very gentle and focused. She also uses the most cutting-edge equipment in the industry. I had no idea how much my pain was associated with my body being toxic, so she put me on a 3-month cellular detoxification program. I have more energy than I have had in years and I finally can sleep too! Needless to say, I am thrilled about everything Dr. Rhame did for me. I recommend her to everyone interested in making profound changes in their health and their lives. She's an experienced, top-notch health and wellness expert with decades of experience and an inspired approach." 

~ Holly S., San Francisco, CA


"When I first met Sam, I was a wreck. Having had 3 auto accidents over 3 years, Dr. Sam Rhame put my body and spirit together again. More than a phenomenal, knowledgeable and gentle chiropractor who left me pain free, Sam is a wise health and wellness coach. Having followed her practice over the years, she's a progressive and delightful professional. I can't recommend her enough!" ~ Barbara H., San Francisco, CA


"Dr. Sam is amazing. She genuinely cares about all aspects of my health, is always very present. I trust her implicitly, and have for years. She has helped me with my spine, foot, my gut, brain, energy, and overall sense of well-being. Additionally, she scours the world for the latest cutting edge methods and technologies that make a huge difference and separate her from any other chiropractor." ~ Lynn K., San Francisco, CA


"I always end our appointments with "Thanks, my artist!"... artist of my body. She is a beautiful soul and a great professional. I started with her at the end of my pregnancy 4 years ago, and I have trusted her since then. Also, my husband comes; if my kids need it, I bring them too." ~ Gloria D., San Francisco, CA


"Dr Sam is hands down the best chiro I've had in my life. My husband and I come to her regularly. Earlier this year she managed to remove a pain in my neck that no orthopedist or physical therapist had been able to relieve.  She evaluated me, listened to my concern and put a plan together and in three sessions the pain was gone. Dr Sam is not only the best for her work, she is sweet, caring and always understanding. I come for an alignment but I leave not only feeling great physically but mentally too. Don't miss out on her magic!"` ~ Sabrina D., San Francisco, CA

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