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Changing What You Want to Change with SMGI®

"I’m new to seeking emotional support so I don’t have a frame of reference in which to compare SMGI to other techniques, but I can say that it worked for me.


When I started with Dr.Sam I was an emotional mess and grieving from the loss of both of my parents. I felt powerless over my emotions and was depressed, listless, and filled with anxiety. She took me on a journey that led to balance, a sense of calmness, and control over my emotions. It feels great to be out of the darkness and back into the light."

~ Louis B., Sausalito, CA
I wish I had done SMGI years ago. I could’ve avoided years of therapy, self-help workshops & Ayahuasca journeys! In 3 sessions, I learned to:
  • Unburden myself from the traumatic events of my teenage years.  The constant pain in my left shoulder was an ongoing reminder of trauma.  Under times of stress, it would morph into a debilitating migraine.  But now, there’s no pain, and the migraines are gone.
  • Stop getting triggered by the slightest criticism from others. Now, my partner doesn’t have to walk on eggshells, wondering if something will trigger me. 
  • I have become much more present, much more emotionally free, and much more connected to my spirit.

My only advice: If you’re dealing with trauma from the past, do this now."
~ Lynann B., Seattle, WA
Sam helped me find a backdoor into my brain that I didn’t know was there, a door through which I was able to access something deeper than what I’ve been able to access through talk therapy or meditation. It was fun and freeing and safe all at the same time. This work has made me calmer and more confident. I have less anxiety, more energy, and I’m sleeping better. It was an enlightening experience and I’m happier for having done it!”
~ Dr. Molly M., Sausalito, CA
“Working with Dr. Sam has changed my life! The source of deep anxiety that told me I had to keep moving is gone. My whole insides are newly calm. I have my light back. For the first time in years, I trust the answers inside me instead of looking outside myself for answers. And, I can sleep! I thought that healing my family stuff was going to take a long time and be hard to get through, but it was gentle and surprisingly quick with Dr. Sam. I’m so glad I trusted her.”
~ Kathleen L., Emeryville, CA
“Thanks to Dr. Sam guiding me to SMGI® the root cause of my decades of anxiety is gone. I’m feeling liberated. And, as a side note, my chronic mid-back pain is gone too.
~ Jamie B., San Rafael, CA
“Since working with Sam, I feel more positive, brightened up, happier, and others have noticed that I’ve changed. I’m also sleeping better, and am just generally more at ease. I’m more focused on what I can do, rather than what I can’t do and I feel like an open channel now, like the things that used to block me are gone.
~ Anthony S., Sausalito, CA
“I've been looking for a 'map' to help me grow personally & spiritually, and I've finally found it working with Sam. I'm elated with the process and the results I've experienced. I feel more confident, more connected to my core, and more grounded. I'm calmer and less drawn to addictive behaviors. I'm authentically more accepting of others and their behaviors. I'm kinder to myself and others. I got so much out of my sessions with Sam; she's an amazing, nonjudgmental guide. I feel like a different person who's walked through a door to new beginnings, new insights with new tools.
~ Dr. Joe L., Carlsbad, CA
“Working with Sam taught me that there was an emotional charge running “on repeat” below the surface of my mind. It was preventing me from changing what I wanted to change. When I learned how to release that charge, I finally found the freedom to change! I feel a much deeper sense of peace now.”
~ Patti C., Fairfax, CA
The results I’ve experienced working with Dr. Sam:
  1. I feel liberated from the need to be so judgmental of myself and others. 

  2. I am less interested in wanting to control my feelings. I now observe and allow feelings to take their natural course and respond accordingly, rather than being triggered, and therefore controlled by them. 

  3. I’m more willing to communicate what’s true for me in tough situations, which is freeing. I'm very pleased with having done this work with Sam. She is very present with me and able to work with my unique way of processing.

~ Gary S., Walnut Creek, CA
I feel new in so many ways after doing this work with Sam! I’m sleeping wonderfully and waking up feeling rested and renewed. This is so new!  And I’ve stopped the lifelong habit of clenching my teeth. My entire body feels more grounded and relaxed throughout the day, even in very stressful situations. 

I’m connected to a whole new depth of personal power that fuels a less reactive, more grounded me. I think anyone will benefit from the deep, gentle, interactive, profound emotional healing available through this work with Sam.

~ Dawne S., Durham, NC
I used to interpret “signs” or moments of knowingness as information coming from “out there”. Since doing these sessions with Sam, I recognize moments of knowingness as coming from the source connection within me. 

Through this work, I’ve been able to dismantle some recurring unskillful relationship patterns. I am more confident, I trust myself more, and am less guarded with others​.

~ Liz D., Mill Valley, CA
This work has helped me feel much less anxious, calmer and more at ease. I’m sleeping really well, not just sleeping better, and I’m able to navigate stress, frustration and overwhelm without the old, reactive patterns. I’ve also noticed that the back pain and shoulder tension that was a chronic issue is gone.
~ Michelle M., San Francisco, CA
“I am so surprised that both my physical health and my emotional happiness have improved so dramatically in just three sessions! This is deep inner work, and it's left me feeling more joy, wholeness, and clarity. I can't wait to do more work with Sam.
~ Dr. Debbie Y., Malibu, CA
Sam helped me rescue and integrate a part of me that had been stuck for a very long time. The joy I felt afterward was something else. Thank you, Sam!
~ Alison D., Concord, CA
“Sam is an expert guide who took me on adventurous, empowering journeys to explore my most wanted desires. With her gentle prompts, I was able to address some stubborn parts of myself and clear blockages that allowed me to move forwardI have anxiety and Sam knows how to calm me and put me at ease. After our sessions, I felt hopeful, and confident with renewed motivation to take action on my deepest desires.
~ AmyAnna S., Turlock, CA
Sam has a gentle approach to being present with me and I feel I can trust her guidance.
~ Jean-Pierre W., Mill Valley, CA
“Sam is such a beautiful guide! Our 3rd out of 6 sessions was beyond monumental! I was able to deal with past trauma that was preventing me from being my full self and leading to financial fears. I left that session feeling so confident ~ like I had just overcome a difficult battle, but it was so easy!
~ Maya H., Larkspur, CA
Sam is very open-hearted and has a deep natural empathy. Her passion for this work shines.
~ Regina G., San Rafael, CA
This stuff works. It's deep but very gentle. I feel younger and my old armor evaporated and my heart feels free. I can't be so easily triggered now, so I'm not so easily controlled. I'm high-energy, light-hearted happy and this is how I want to feel and who I want to be. This stuff works, and Sam is great at it.
~ Robin V., Oakland, CA
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