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Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery®

The number of sessions depends on the layers needed to be cleared and parts needed to be integrated. Most people work with me in sets of 6 sessions at a time over 2-3 months. We typically meet weekly or every other week.

Each session lasts 90 minutes - 2 hours.


Three Sessions


Targeted first aide to set you on your way and get you over the hump into healing and change. You will leave with effective tools to use in daily life and easy access to your subconscious power to create change for the better.

Green Leaves


Six Sessions


The most popular choice of my clients, unfolding support that guides you inwards to connect to the power in your subconscious, clear away inner clutter, and integrate dramatic yet gentle change.


One Session


First time and not sure how much you want to invest in this kind of work? This first session lays a powerful foundation from which you can create change for the better and leave you with some a helpful take-away tool to soothe, stabilize and strengthen your nervous system.

Tropical Leaves

Free 15-Minute Phone Consultation


First time and not sure if this program is right for you?


Let's chat to get your questions answered to see if this work is right for you at this time.

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